Green Screen ShootBy staying at the front line of special effects technology, StandUp keeps on creating artistically ambitious stories.

Green screen shoots give our exceptional post-production team total liberty to experiment with imagery. If we conceive it, we can execute it. Especially now that we achieve the highest level of photorealistic motion tracking effects. So we can tell epic stories within limited budgets.

The real wizardry of green screen is produced after the shoot, through editing, animation and motion graphics. StandUp strives to generate the most effective, unique ways to tell each story. This comes after countless hours, year after year, exploring myriad technical and creative options.

StandUp’s post-production team can make a character we videotape against green screen dance on a totally photorealistic stage; or roam through rapidly changing rooms; or hover over unimaginably imaginary realms. We’ve now raised green screen way beyond simply layering digital graphics like logos, photos and video.

Videotaping people and products in front of a green screen is relatively easy, since we’ve mastered the lighting tricks that prevent post-production fiascos. And, of course, using green screen saves a ton of production time and money by eliminating unnecessary location travel or set building.

Green screen is an important special effects tool in StandUp’s array of video production services. Major benefits include:

Side by side green screen

Side by side green screen

• unlimited creative options in post-production
• simplicity of production
• cost efficiency
• time savings

Do you want to explore the limitless possibilities of imagination? Do you need to shoot locally but want it to look like you shot on exotic locales? Let StandUp Productions handle your next green screen shoot.